What are the Different Types of Garage Door Springs

A garage door is one of the most important parts of your house. The mechanism of the garage door depends on different components, among which springs are one of the most critical components. There are different types of springs available for the garage door. If you are replacing the garage door spring or are installing a new one, then you may be wondering what are the different types of garage door springs?

What are the Different Types of Garage Door Springs — Garage Door Spring Options

Extension Springs

  • Open Looped: This is the easiest to change garage door spring. You don’t have to disassemble the pulley before replacing it.
  • Double Looped: Double end lopped springs are stronger than the open looped. They come with two coils at the spring’s end which is connected to the eye bolt and pulley.
  • Clip Ends: This is the most durable type of all the extension springs for the garage door. It also comes with a better and longer service life since the clips don’t place much stress on the spring.

Torsion Springs

  • Standard Torsion Spring: This is the most common type of torsion spring which is found on the residential garage doors which is mounted above the garage door. The metal shaft supports the springs. The lighter garage doors mainly use this type of standard torsion spring.
  • Torque Master Torsion Spring: This is the safest garage door spring of all. These springs remain enclosed inside the torsion shaft. They are held in place at the end of the torsion rod.